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The Asia tour of the French production 'Roméo et Juliette', is a brand new take on the original with new sets, costumes, as well as new songs and some cut songs. The production opened at the Sejong Center for Performing Arts in Seoul, Korea on 1/20/06. According to John Eyzen, other locations include Taiwan, China, Japan, Vietnam, South America, Singapore, and there might be some performances in France.


Damien Sargue (Romeo)

Damien started singing at the age of 8 years old. At the age of 10, he recorded his first CD single "Emme-Moi". Even though his parents wanted him to devote his time to his studies, Damien still sung and took part in competitions in the south of France during his school holidays.

At 16, Damien decided to leave school. In 1996, he sent in demo tapes of him singing to different casting agency's. When luck finally appeared, he was asked to go to Paris and try out for the musical very popular musical "Notre Dame de Paris"; he got the understudy parts of Gringoire and Phoebus. At 18, it was when the future producers of R&J, as well as Gerard Presgurvic, saw Damien as the ideal Romeo that his success really took off.

In 2003, after months out of the spotlight, Damien came back with a whole new look and single, "Merci". The next single that is planned to be released is "Elle vient quand elle vient". A release date for the album is still to be determined.

In 2004, the French distributors for Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera" were unhappy with the outcome of the first French dubbing with Fabian Richard as Raoul. Damien was given the task of re-dubbing Raoul for the release in France.


Joy Esther (Juliette)


Joy was born the 14th of June in 1984 in Lyon, under the sign of the Gemini. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister.


When she was little, she was a great athlete and loved to dance. At the age of 8 was when she began to model

She did theatre in Florent's classes and she acted in plays "Femme d'honneur" and "Garner" She then participated in “Star ac 2” where she came out in the top 50 contestants. She was part of a pop rock group called "Cocktail"


Joy’s fame skyrocketed when she was cast as Emilie in the musical “Belles, Belles, Belles”


Cyril Niccolaï (Benvolio)
[A good looking guy (who has also been an international model) at 1.85 meters, with blue-green eyes and long brown hair (who was also a student of medicine), Cyril Niccolaï has also played tennis at a very good level. But music has come out on top: "I have been playing piano since the age of 4. I also know some guitar and drums and I have been singing since I was 15.l'âge." That's why, from 1995 to 2000, he toured on American stage along with Michael Nitro's Band, playing for the first part of concerts of Bon Jovi, Deep Purple or the Rolling Stones. When he was contacted to be part of the new company of "Notre Dame de Paris" to take over the role of Gringoire performed previously by Bruno Pelletier, he grasped the chance straight away and said: "At least I was sure to be doing something very professional. I am happy about this new experience. Now, my life is devoted to the preparations of evening shows. I want to take my time, to do things well, to learn…" It was not easy for him to quit his circle of family and get used to this new life; but he has brilliantly taken on this challenge. In February 2002, he went on tour around France and Belgium with the company; later on, he even went as far as China to complete 250 performances in Shanghai and Beijing.

He has also recorded the English version of the musical, "Jack The Ripper".

Since the end of performance in "Notre Dame de Paris", he has been hired to be the standby for Frank Sherbourne playing the role of Ricky, a hero of Luc Plamondon and Romano Mussumara's musical "Cindy".

Now that "Cindy" has also come to an end, we would get to see Cyril on stage at the Palais des Sports de Paris from September 30 playing the role of Ashley Wilkes in the new Gérard Presgurvic musical, "Autant en emporte le vent". ]

He is playing "Notre Dame de Paris" at Singapore, now. until the end of November.


John Eyzen (Mercutio)
John was born in april the 14th 1986 in Cannes La Boca. He started dance when he was only 4! From 7 to 13 he studied drama, singing and dancing (hip-hop, modern jazz and even clapeers!) in the “Luckine to Kids” company. In 2000 he staged with the "Luckine danse compagnie" a modern dancing show and started learning guitar and piano. In 2003 he created the band “Narcose” with 3 of his friends and is the lead singer. He's contacted by the producer of the famous french program “Star Academy” from Gérard Louvin. He finishes in the top 5 and takes part of the Tour. His first single “Sale Temps (“Gloomy Weather”) came out in February 2005. He's now the new Mercutio and will impress the audience by his charming voice and extraordinary talent for dance.


William Saint-Val (Tybalt)


William started studying dance with Lisa Michaël the famous choregrapher of many parisian reviews in le Moulin Rouge and les Folies Bergères ans started singing a few years afterwards. He loves american musicals and to appease his deep desire of music he creates the band “Black and White” in 1993. With this new group he surveys french stages and many francophones festivals. Then in 1995 he decides to create his own musical “New Jack Time”. He’s supported by many professionals such as Clyde White Richard Cross (singing teatcher in the 1st production of R&J), Léo Messire, Eddy Barclay, Brigitte Abraham, Elie Chouraki (french humourist) and Michel Drucker (very famous french TV animator). He passed the casting for the second production of Presgurvic’s “Roméo et Juliette” for the part of Juliette’s cousin Tybalt and will make profitable his incredible talents for dancing, singing and acting and is solicited by the producer of the french productors of “Le Roi Lion” (“The Lion King”) for the part of the adult Simba.


Brigitte Venditti (Lady Montague)

Since her childhood many experiences guided Brigitte’s « voice ». She worked with many french and international singers such as Michel Sardou and Bonnie Tyler. She loves gospel and staged a long time with her band singing the most beautiful songs of the international gospel! She thanks the audience for giving such her a warm ovation and Carolin Petit (G. Presgurvic associate) for giving a chance to this wonderful singer. She’s the new Lady Montague, a very dramatic role full of passion and love.


Stephanie Rodrigue (Lady Capulet)


Biography coming soon...


Arié Itah (Lord Capulet)


Arié was a promissing buisinessman before succumbing under the power of music. He was born in 1970 in Paris from a multi-instrumentalist father and a professional singer mother, Arié was rocked by music all his childhood. As a young adult he studied international buisiness and continued to appease his passion for music. At age of 24 his admiration for black american music such as Georges Benson, Stevie Wonder, Donnier Hataway and Al Jarreau convinces him to stop his studies in order to devote his life to his passion. He worked on many projects in Los Angeles and in New-York. In 2000 Gerard Pregurvic propose Arié to understudy Frère Laurent and the Prince in his successful musical “Roméo et Juliette”. After this fantastic experience, he became Scarlett’s father in the second musical by Gerard Presgurvic “Autant en Emporte le Vent”. Today in the french-asian production of “R&J” he’s the new Lord Capulet and will have to use all the power of his magnificent voice to make this sublim character alive.


Ida Gordon (The Nurse)


Biography coming soon...


Joël O·Cangha (Brother Laurent)


Joël was born in Paris, but at the age of 6 he left the french capital with his family and grew up in his parents region: Martinique. He started to study there in a buisiness-school and afterwards worked in Cuba in Havanna where he discovered the national conservatoir and the incredible power of his voice. He decides to leave the university and to devote his career to music. He stayed 5 years in Cuba and started a tour all around the world in his first leading role in the opera “Porgy and Bess”. After a performance in Germany he’s contacted by the Walt Disney Company Germany to take part of the German production of Der König der Löwen (“The Lion King”) based upon the famous animated movie in Hamburg. During a year an half he was the new adult Simba. Six months later he passed the casting for “Autant en Emporte le Vent” the brand musical by Gérard Presgurvic. He got the role easily and became the leader of the slaves symbol of the impancipation of the black people in USA. during the Civil War. Today this talented and sensitive man is the new Frère Laurent in the new production of Gerard Presgurvic’s musical “Roméo et Juliette” and will give a real authenticity to the character with his strong and melodious voice.


Stéphane Métro (Prince of Verona)


Stéphane started his training in a conservatoir where he learned piano and musical theory. He also learned latin dancing such as the Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive. He takes part in many competitions. At 18 he devotes his carreer to musicals. He takes part in many operettas: « La vie parisienne » , « La belle Hélène » , « L'auberge du cheval blanc » , « Quatre jours à Paris » , « Valse de Vienne ». In 2002 he performed in the Belgian production of « Bothers and Sisters ». He created the “subway company” the same year , an association for the devlopement of new shows. He’s also a lyricist and and composed the musicals « 1939-WAR-1945 » and « Silence, action... » and works on the french productions of “Camille” (very famous Belgian musical created in Antwerp) and “Kikker” He understudies 2 characters in the musical « Tintin, le temple du soleil » in 2003 and in 2004 is an apostle in the Belgian production of Webber’s “Jesus Christ Super Star” He also takes part of the chorus in the movie “POTO” based upon Webber’s successful musical. He also played in the musical « Broadway Musical Company » . Recently he was Henri Duverger the Boss in the musical “Chance”. Today he’s the Prince of Verona in Presgurvic’s “Romeo & Juliette”, one of the most promising musical of this year!


Christine Hassid (Death)
Christine was an honours student in classical, modern and jazz dance at the Conservatoire National in Bordeaux before completing her skills by studying dance techniques of Limon, Cunningham and Graham. She worked under severa seminal choreographers, including Preljocaj, Galotta and Maguy Marin, and then joined the Batsheva Dance Company junior in Tel Aviv, Ohad Naharin. Eight years ago she started her collaboration with Redha as an assistant to his choreographies for Alvin Ailey (New York), the National Ballet in Amsterdam or the National Opera in Pretoria (South Africa) as a member of his company. She most recently performed in the musical "Les Demoiselles De Rochefort" in Parius. She was apart of the Paris premiere of "Romeo et Juliette" as a dancer and dance captain and is now attending to the international productions of the musical in Belgium, the Netherlands, London, Russia, and Vienna.

Understudies: Julien Grison, Stephanie Impoco, Yoni Amar, Fabien Incardona,
Gwladys Fraioli, Aurelie Musso, Alain Cordier
Montague Dancers: Esther Giacalone, Zalina Dzutseva, Daniella Foligno, Svetlana Isaeva, Francesca Lavecchia, Frédéric Jean-Baptiste, Anthony Cazaux, Fly Corcel, Rémy Lailavoix, Khalid Ghajji.
Swings: François Doppia, Anne-Sophie Léonhard

Capulet Dancers: Lauren Filip, Natasha Henry, Marlène Wirth, Mélodie Cailleret, Jérome Piel, Paolo Provenzano, Oliver Rey, Alexandr Malaleev, Dimitry Lotkov, Allal Mouradoudi.
Swings: Brian Carmack, Emmanuelle Bouariz