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'Romeo und Julia: das Musical' had it's debut on February 24th, 2005 at the Raimund Theater in Vienna. Rehearsals began on 29 November, 2004. Like the British and Hungarian productions, a live orchestra is being used (24-piece orchestra to be exact). Completely new costumes were created especially for Vienna by actress/costume designer Dominique Borg, who also costumed the musical’s Paris premiere. Stage direction and choreography were in the hands of Redha Benteifour, who also directed and choreographed the original production.


Lukas Perman (Romeo)
In June of 2004 he graduated with honours from the Vienna Conservatory (musical, operetta and chanson). During his studies there, he participated in productions including Sondheim’s "Assasins", Offenbach’s "La Vie Parisienne" and Benatzky’s "Bezauberndes Fräulein" (as Paul).

He was also an ensemble member in Hans Neuenfels’ notorious production of "Die Fledermaus" at the Salzburg Festival, and in Romeo & Julia at the Bühne am Hof in St. Pölten. He became known to the Austrian public through his appearance in the ORF talent search production of "Starmania", where he was one of the 12 finalists. His first pop song, When the Evening Falls, was released in April 2003, reaching ninth place in the Austrian Top 40.
Thanks to his thorough training and diverse talents, Lukas Perman received his first engagement with the Vereinigte Bühnen Wien for the premiere of the jubilee version of "Elisabeth" on October 1st, 2003. He was a member of the ensemble and also played the part of Crown Prince Rudolf — for which he has been permanently cast since September 2004. He also played this role in the concert performances of "Elisabeth" before the spectacular backdrop of Miramare Castle in Trieste, last summer.

In 2004 Lukas Perman was also on stage at the Stockerau Sommerspielen in the highly successful "Grillparzer — leicht gekürzt". He will appear again in this production when it plays at Vienna’s "Metropol", starting in November.


Marjan Shaki (Julia)
This was followed by appearances in "Die Schule von Uznach" at the Opera Stabile and "My Fair Lady" at the St. Pauli Theater. She made her breakthrough in Vienna at the Raimund Theater, as Rosanna in the world premiere of Rainhard Fendrich and Harold Faltermeyer’s "Wake Up". She had previously played Sarah in the Stuttgart production of "Dance of the Vampires". Marjan Shaki has also appeared in various musical galas such as "Leading Ladies", a performance at Vienna’s Danube Island Festival and "Les Misérables", "Cats" and "Phantom der Oper" Jubiläums-Gala at the Vienna Konzerthaus.

Marjan was last seen as the Mistress in the VBW "Evita" production in Bolzano.


Mathias Edenborn (Benvolio)

Born in Sweden, he received his training at the Kulturama School of Arts and the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm. After his debut as Tony in "West Side Story", he appeared in Stockholm in a number of leading roles: Emile Lanrezac in "Celine", Chris in "Miss Saigon", Brusander in Bjorn & Benny's "Kristin Fran Duvemala" and Peter in Sondhiem's "Company".


In Germany, he made his debut as Count Krolock in "Dance of the Vampires" in a Stuttgart production two years ago, and he played Radames in the premiere of the German-language first performance of "Aida" as well as in the German CD production.


Rasmus Borkowski (Mercutio)
He was born in Lubeck, where he played his first part on the open air stage at the age of 14. Subesquent engagements took him to the Stadttheater of his native town, where he appeared in the boulevard comedy "Das Mausgesicht" and in the musical "Tommy".
After three years of voice training in Lubeck, he enrolled in the art of the musical course at the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding in Munich in 2002. In 2003, he received a scholarship from the Deutsche Buhnenverein and played, inter alia, in "City of Angels", in "West Side Story", and the Schalke musical "Nullvier". He won first prize in the 2003 national competition for voice in Berlin and the special award of the Franz-Grothe-Stiftung.


Mark Seibert (Tybalt)
After 10 years championship ballroom dancing with numerous national and international awards, Mark started to study at the University for Music and Performing arts in Vienna and later on at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. During his training in Vienna he played Stine in "City of Angels" and Judas in "Godspell". In the Stockerau Summer Festival he played Tom in "Time Out" and Jet and cover for Snowboy and Diesel in "West Side Story" at the Bregenz Festival. He was part of the ensemble in the "Elisabeth 10th Anniversary Concert" in the concert and in "Leading Ladies" and "Leading Men" at Raimund Theatre.


Zuzanna Maurery (Lady Montague)
Having finished her training at the performing arts university in Bratislava, she played the classical repertoire at the local Radosina Naiv Theatre and appeared in films and on television. In addition, she appeared in musicals in roles such as Sally Bowles in "Cabaret", Sr. Roberta in "Nun(N)Sense", Rizzo in "Grease", Sweet Sue in "Some Like It Hot" and Vicky in "Full Monty", mostly at the Nova Scena in Bratislava, in Brno and at the Prague National Theatre, where she played the Hungarian girl Franz Wittenbrink's "Sekretarinnen".


Annette Wimmer (Lady Capulet)
She was born in the southern region of the Black Forest and trained at the Heinz Bosl-Stiftung of the Munchner Musikhochschule. Her training completed, she was engaged to perfmer, inter alia at the Staatstheatre Saarbrucken. After appearing in "CATS" (Zurich, Europe tour) as Demeter/Victoria and Rumpleteazer, she gave guest performances in Basel in "The Phantom of the Opera" as Meg and in "Fame" as Iris Kelly. In 1997, she joined the cast of "Elisabeth", and subsequently played the leading parts of Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly and Mama Morton in the VBW production of "Chicago" at the Theatre An Der Vien, at the Etablissement Ronacher and at the Theatre des Westens in Berlin, where she then appeared as Rachitis and was dance captain in "Schwejk It Easy". Back at the Theatre An Der Wien, she was engaged to play various roles in "Jekyll and Hyde", inter alia Lucy. The artist was last seen as Tanja in the Abba musical "Mamma Mia!" at the Hamburger Operettenhaus (and performed in the production of the German original cast CD).


Paul Vaes (Lord Capulet)
He has already played the role in Antwerp and Netherlands productions and he was nominated as best male supporting actor for the 2004 John Kraaykamp Musical Award. Having completed his training in Seattle (USA) he appeared there in "The Witness" and in "Kiss Me Kate", before played in the Netherlands and in Belgium in musicals such as "Cyrano", "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Simon), "Chess" (Anatoly Sergievsky), "Man of Ma Mancha", "My Fair Lady" (Freddy), "Miss Saigon" (Chris), Elisabeth (Franz-Joseph), "Chicago" (Amos), "Rex" (Priest), and "Aspects of Love" (Alex).
His television debut in 1995, inthe finals of "A Star is Born", was followed by appearances in several TV series and commericals in the Netherlands. He gave a guest performance in the American movie "Deuce Bigelow 2", he produced Andrew Llyod Webber's "Aspects of Love" and managed the productions of the musical "Alleen Op De Wereld" and of the a theatre show. He lectures and the Frank Sanders Akademie voor Musicaltheatre.


Carin Filipcic (The Nurse)


Born in Wien, she studied musical theatre in Wien and Prag and studied singing with Jack Poppell.

While working during a few years with ethnical and gypsy music under the direction of Ida Kelarova and in productions in Wien and Graz, she played Rizzo in "Grease" and Fantine (understudy of Mrs Thenardier) in the Duisburg production of "Les Misérables". She was part of the original cast of "Mozart!" (Baronin von Waldstätten and Cäcilia Weber) and was seen at the Musicalfestival Bruck as Mary Magdalene in "Jesus Christ Superstar", as "Cinderella" 's sister Olga, and in the title role of "Geschichte vom dicken Schwein, das dünn werden wollte".

At the Wiener Kammeroper, she played Nurse Agnes in "Cole Porter Story" and Sarah/Martha in Steven Sondheim's "Company". During Summer 2003 she played Madeline True in the original German production of "The Wild Party" at the Amstettner Sommerfestspielen, and she will play that part again in Winter 2004 at Klagenfurter Stadttheater.

She can be seen as the teacher Miss Sherman in "Fame". And in October 2004, she will be on stage again as Maria Magdalena at the Grazer Oper.


Charlie Serrano (Friar Laurence)


Born in Puerto Rico, Charlie Serrano lives in Florida and is a home on the musical stages worldwide. He has had engagments at DisneyWorld in Epcot/Flordia, and also in New-York, off-Broadway as well as on Broadway. In Germany he has appeared in many major shows, played diverse roles in "CATS"/(Hamburg), and portrayed Belle's father Maurice in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" (Stuttgart), Piangi and M.Reyer in "The Phantom of the Opera" and the Grade Inquisitor in "Das Geheimnis der Mona Lisa". An excursion into the world of opera - as Mime in R. Wagner's "Rhenigold" took him, inter alia to the theatre of Kiel, the capitol of Schleswig-Holstein". 


Boris Pfeifer (The Prince)


Born in Wien, he trained atthe Konservatorium der Stadt Wien in the subject musical theatre. He made his musical beginning in the Wiener production of "Tanz der Vampires". Next to that he played Leopold in the operette "Im weissen Rössl" and was seen on stage as Lion in "The Wizard of Oz" at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt. It was followed by the play "1000 Sonnen", the UFA-Revue "Bombenstimmung", "Momo" at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt and his first solo programme "Jessas Na !". Later he played in Essen in "Elizabeth" and was seen in Wien as Graf Boni in "Csárdásfürstin".
It was followed by his first appearance at the Theater an der Wien as Utterson in "Jekyll and Hyde". Later he played at the Stadttheater Klagenfurt in "Das Gespenst von Canterville" and in the production of "Pink !" in Wiener Metropol. Currently he's rehearsinf for Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Grazer Oper.


Thomas Mülner (Paris)


Born in Austria he completed his training in singing, dancing, and performing arts in Vienna and Sydney Australia. He worked in Australia first as a dancer at the Sydney Opera House ["Madame Butterfly"] and in the State Theatre ["Disney's Magical Moments"]. This was followed by "My Fair Lady" in the Capitol Theatre, before he returned to Europe. "Rock It" (Zell am See) and "Cabaret" (in the Sophia Rooms) were followed by the engagement as Gad/Bulter in "Joseph..." in Essen and has Herbert in the original cast of the German premiere of "Dance of the Vampires" in Stuttgart. He performed in the "Elisabeth 10th Anniversary Gala" and in the "All In One" Gala in the Viennese Concert Hall. His last roles were Oscar in "The Wild Party" at the musical summer in Amsetten, and "Barbarella" at the Raimund Theatre.

Montague Dancers: Michael Bernhard, Jacquie Biggs, Laura Fernandez, Daniela Harbauer, Peter Lesiak, Marcella Morelli, Sanny James Roumimper, Patrick Schenk, Norman Stehr, Florian Theiler, Lynsey Thurgar, and Lilian Nguyen.
Capulet Dancers: Brian Carmack, Rachel Colley, Sean Gerard, Christoph Goetten, Sabrina Harper, Natasha Henry, Natascha Cecillia Hill, Adrian Hochstrasser, Jerome Knols, and Jana Stelley
Swing:  Alice Van Den Beucken, Sanne Buskermolen, Lorna Dawson, Simon Eichenberger, Niklas-Philipp Gertl, Martin Matthais, and Zoltan Roman

Author and Composer: Gerard Presgurvic
Stage Direction and choreography: Redha
Costumes: Dominique Borg
Stage Design: Duncan Hayler
Arrangements: Christian Kolonovits
Lighting: Andrew Voller
Sound Design: Richard Ryan
German Translation: Michaela Ronzoni