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'Rómeó és Júlia' premiered in Budapest on January 23rd, 2004, at the Budapest Operetta Theatre. Performances are still being held. If you would like to see this production, the official site recommends you book in advance: "One of the biggest successes of last season remains on the programme!" - the official site. The show is also currently touring across Hungary.



Attila Dolhai (Romeo)
Attila was born in 1977, he is a student at the Academy of Film and Theatrical Arts. His past roles include Wolfgang Mozart in "Mozart!", Judas and Annas in "Jesus Christ Superstar", Rudolf in "Elisabeth", Tony in "West Side Story", and he was also in "Jekyll and Hyde".


Dóra Szinetár (Julia)
Dóra has been on the stage since her childhood. She played young Cosette and Gavroche in "Les Miserables". She has got a degree this year from the School of Art and Dancing. Her past roles include Eponine in "Les Miserables", Kim in "Miss Saigon", Constanze in "Mozart!", Maria in "West Side Story", Nancy in "Oliver". She is also taking on another important role; being a mother and wife. She recently was married to Zoltán Bereczky, who plays Meructio in the musical!


Árpád Zsolt Mészáros (Benvolio)
Past roles included Wolfgang Mozart in "Mozart!" and Riff from "West Side Story"


Zoltán Bereczki (Mercutio)
Zoltán earned a degree from the Academy of Film and Theatrical Arts in 2001. He is also a pop singer. His past roles include Nick from "Fame", Marius from "Les Miserables", Franz Joseph in "Elisabeth", Tony in "West Side Story", Molina in "Kiss of the Spider Woman", and Billy Flynn in "Chicago". He is Dóra Szinetár's husbend.


Szilveszter Szabó P. (Tybalt)
Szilveszter has a degree from the Academy of Film and Theatrical Arts. His part roles include Colloredo in "Mozart!", Death in "Elisabeth", and Bernardo in "West Side Story". He has also taken ensamble parts in "Cabaret", "Sweet Charity", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Chicago", "Grease", and "Hair".


Ottília Csengery (Lady Montague)
Has played on the stage of Moulin Rouge in the show "Revue Déja Vue". Her past roles include Gigi in "Miss Siagon", Madame Thenardier in "Les Miserables", and many other Hungarian productions.


Kata Janza (Lady Capulet)
Kata was placed at #4 at the Eurovision Pop Music Festival. Her past roles include Elisabeth in "Elisabeth", Lucy in "Jekyll and Hyde", Nannerl in "Mozart!", and Ursula in "Sweet Charity". She also does character voices for many cartoon figures, for example: Jazmin in "Aladdin"


Lajos Csuha (Lord Capulet)
Since the 60's he has played the guitar with a band. He was a charter member of the Rock Theatre. When this theatre closed, he signed up with the Oprerett Theatre. His past roles include "Evita", "Dolan", "Szatarcsinalok", Peter and Herod in "Jesus Christ Superstar", Thenardier in "Les Miserables", Dorian Gray in "Basil", Judge in "Chess", Grune Grof in "Elisabeth", and Fridolin in "Mozart!"


Erika Náray (The Nurse)

Erika has a degree from the Academy of Film and Theatrical Arts, and has also a degree in Jazz. Her past roles have included Roxie in "Chicago", Waldstätten in "Mozart!", and Gagarina in "Sweet Charity"


Tamás Földes (Friar Laurence)
Tamás past roles include Jean Valjean in "Les Miserables", Che in "Evita", Leopold in "Mozart!", Lucheni in "Elisabeth", and John in "Miss Saigon".


Attila Németh (The Prince)
Németh's past roles include Berger in "Hair", Doody in "Grease", Death in "Elisabeth" and Colloredo in "Mozart!"


Zsolt Homonnay (Paris)
In 1997, Zsolt got a degree from the Academy of Film and Theatrical Arts. Past roles include Thuy, Engineer in "Miss Saigon", Jesus in "Jesus Christ Superstar", Enjolras in "Les Miserables", Raoul in "The Phantom of the Opera", and Alex in "Aspects of Love".

Understudies: Rózsa Sándor György, Andrea Mahó, Zsolt Szentirmai, Csaba Jegercsik, György Derzsi, Sebastian Imre, and Attila Miklós


Ensemble: Andrea Makay, Zsuza Ullmann, Sz. Ildikó Nagy, G. Sandor Szabo, and Soma Langer

Producer: Gerard Louvin
Translation: Galambos Attila
Composer: Kesselyak Gergely
Maklary Laszlo
Set Designer: Gotza Bela
Costume Designer: Velich Rita
 Keringer Laszlo
Maklary Laszlo
Kiraly Attila
Choreographer: Duda Eva
Rogacs Laszlo
Somogyi Szilard
Director: Kerenyi Miklos Gabor