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Because of the huge success of the production in France, 'Roméo et Juliette: de la Haine a l’Amour' crossed the Atlantic for performances in Canada.

The show ran for a brief period in 2002. It played in Montreal from June 18th to June 30th at the Theatre St.Denis; July 5th to July 21st at the Grand Theatre of Quebec; Back at the Theatre St. Denis from July 25th to August 4th; August 8th to August 15th at the Center National Arts in Ottawa; Again at the Theatre St. Denis from August 21st to September 1st; Then at the Theatre Municipal in Saquenay from September 17th to September 19th.


Hugo (Romeo)

Hugo holds a lot of musical credits (2 years at Lionel-Groulx college in musical theatre), in music (piano, guitar), dance, classic and popular song.

But in musical theater, he can combined all his talents. He is not just an entrepreneur; he is also a compositor, and an author. He was the guest on Raymond Levesque, Claude léveillé and Feminin Trio of the "Les Blues du toaster". He has also appeared on Alannah Miles's show in 1999.

He has participated in a lot of musicals and performed small parts in the French production of "Roméo et Juliette". He also performed Roméo 20 times at Palais de Congrès, in Paris. So naturally he was chosen to play Roméo for the Québec production.


Ariane Gauthier (Juliette)

Ariane has been singing since she was 12, and knows that she will continue. She got her diploma from the Lionel-Groulx College of musical theatre. At school, Ariane found her first passion. At 23 years old, she became a finalist at "Ma Première Place en Arts" in 1997. She's a winner of the Élizabeth Mawson Award 2001, and recipient of the Maud Whitmore Scholarship at the Charlottetown's Festival of 2002.

Ariane continued her rise to stardom by taking part in “Simplement Marnay, in which she sang alongside none other that Céline Dion. In February, she co-hosted co-host a special program which was presented as a part of the “Bal de neige winter festival.

Ariane most recently starred as Maureen in the first ever French production of the pulitzer prize winning musical "RENT".


Matt Laurent (Benvolio)

Matt Laurent was born in Quebec on May 24th, 1967. He educated himself musically; never taking music or singing lessons. He started to play in bars and clubs, and at 21 was when he met his manager.


In 1992, Matt released his first album “Entre le jour et la nuit”. The single “Jimmy” was released from the album as a single. In 1993, he released a 5-track CD “Acoustique” which consisted of acoustic versions of songs from his first album. And in 1997, he released his second full-length album, “Longue Avenue”, which was followed by a tour in 1998 across Quebec and Ontario.


In November 1998, Matt met Luc Plamondon at Gala des Felix. Luc was so impressed with Matt that he offered him the chance of auditioning for the part of Quasimodo in ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’. After auditioning, Luc offered him the role as alternate to Garou, making his debut in France in January 1999. He then continued the role in Belgium and Switzerland, followed by Quebec as alternate to Mario Pelchat, and completed 265 performances as Quasimodo.


In April 2001, Matt released his third album, ‘Ici ou Ailleurs’. The album includes the song, “Tue s et tu resteras”, which he wrote for his son. The album was soon followed by the release of the single “Je veux que tu saches’, and at the end of August he released the second single, ‘Toi’. In November Matt recorded a commercial for “Dentine Ice’ chewing gum.


In February of 2002, Matt was offered the role of Benvolio in Romeo et Juliette, which would once again have Matt performing on stages across Quebec. He completed 70 performances, and had to take sword fighting lessons.


In March, the third single “Pour oublier Sarajevo”, which was a duet, was released. August saw the release of his fourth single “Envers et contre tout”. And in October, “Je veux que te saches” was released in France; his first single ever released there.


2003 started with Matt being given the role of “Le Geographe”, and understudy for the lead of “L’avaiteur’, in the Quebec production of “Le petit Prince’ which toured until July of that year.


Joêl Lemay (Mercutio)

Prior to performing as Mercutio in the French Canadian tour of "Roméo et Juliette", Joël Lemay performed in musicals such as "La Mélodie du bonheur" and "Da Vinci".


Dany Vachon (Tybalt)

Dany came out with an album entitled "Dany Vachon" in 2000. He has been a type-setter author for 4 years. After having studied the guitar from 1992 to 1994 in classical music and popular with the Campus Our-Lady of Foy in Quebec and having played the guitarist-singer (lead) in several formations, Dany continued to improve his techniques of song and guitar. After working in bars and at Festivals, he enormously acquired experiment and of maturity as well on the level of control of his voice and his guitar, which led him to compose his own songs.


Josée D'orléan  (Lady Montague)

Josée has been called an stimulating dancer, singer and actress. She has been featured on television and radio.


Corinne Zarzour (Lady Capulet)

Previously performed the role of Esméralda in "Notre Dame de Paris".


Marie Denise Pelletier (The Nurse)

Marie is known for having, without question, one of the most beautiful voices in Québec. She has spent 20 years in the business of singing.


François Godin (Lord Capulet)

Graduate of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art, this actor and singer has solid background of performing. He sang in the musical drama "Les Miserables", in addition to playing various roles on the small screen.


Richard Groulx (Friar Laurent)

Prior to peforming in "Roméo et Juliette", Richard performed in the musicals "Hair", "L’Opéra de quat’sous", "Jeanne la pucelle", and performed the role of Zéro Janvier in "Starmaina". Recently perfomed in the musical "Les Enfants du Soleil".


Manuel Tadros (The Prince)

Manuel Tadros is featured on the popular series in Quebec called "Omerta". He is also the father of 2 boys. He is diabetic, and is the spokesman of "Walk Towards the Cure for Pharmaprixz". He has done voice over's for the French Canadian dubs of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (Hugo), "Finding Nemo" (Nigel), and "Treasure Planet" (Onus)

Understudies: David LeBlanc, Myriam Brousseau, Katee Julien, Paul Bisson, Martin Moerman, Tommy Demers

Dancers: Benoit Leduc, Kahlil Calder, Karim Anqouch, Nicholas Peel, Michael Bridge-Dickson, Peter Trosztmer



Production/ Libretto : Charles F. Joron
Choreography / Direction : Jean Grand-Maître
Assistant choreography : Jean-Jacques Pillet
Assistant direction : Julie Beauséjour
Fights coordinator : Jean-François Gagnon
Supervisor for choreography : Redha
Costumes : Dominique Borg
Sound : Yves Savoie
Lights : Yves Aucoin
Sets : Olivier Landeville
Vocal director : Linda Mailho