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After the sucess of it's longer then expected run in Antwerp, 'Romeo en Julia: van Haat tot Liefde' began to tour the Netherlands within the first few months of 2004. There were some cast changes, but according to those who saw both productions, said it was just as amazing.


Davy Gilles (Romeo)
Next to his lessons at the Showbiz school in Ostend, Davy got private tutoring in singing, diction, guitar and piano. By then it was already clear that music had an important role in his life. He is a permanent member of the VTM-Soap band, he composes his own numbers and writes his own lyrics. As singer, he's released 4 CD's.
Before Romeo en Julia, he had done previous theatre work. He performed as Jonathan in the K3-musical "Doornroosje", and also in the Dutch tour of "Snow White" where he was the understudy for the Prince. The Flemish public knows him from roles in the popular TV-series "Vennebos and Family", where he still plays the part of Rik. 
After Romeo en Julia, Davy played Motel in the "Straight From the Heart" production of "Fiddler on the Roof". And Davy can now be seen as the Prince in the new production of "Snow White".


Jennifer Van Brenk (Julia)
Jennifer has trained at the Academy of Brabant and the Musical Factory in Tilburg. In training at those places she learned drama acting and dancing. During her time of studying, she played roles in "Rent", "Jasager", "Titanic", "Tanz der Vampire", "Into the Woods", and "The Last 5 Years". Jennifer also took part in workshops with Brigitte Odette, Linda Lepomme, Maya Hakvoort, and Koen van Dijk.
Jennifer became the winner of the Jaques de Leeuw Jong Top Talent Prize of 2003.


Mark Tijmans (Benvolio)
After his education in special youth care, Mark studied Theatre-Art at the Conservatorium. Meanwhile, he also took lessons in reading music notes, diction and playing percussion. As a teenager, he first performed on the stages at the KJT. Also acting in productions at the Theatre Antigone, KNS Antwerp, Torka T, and the Raamtheater.


Mark has also had numerous parts on TV-series like "Thuis", "Het Park", and "De Burgemeesters". The public mostly know him for his role as the police-officer Pasmans on "Flikken".


Music is yet a third passion of Mark. He is part of the Ketnetband and you can hear him on CD1 and CD2 of "Flikken".


Before Romeo en Julia, Mark performed as Peter Pan in the musical “Peter Pan”. And in 2001, Mark Tijsmans crawled in the skin of Mordred in "Camelot, the musical".


Dieter Verhaegen (Mercutio)
Dieter is currently in his second master year musical at the Conservatorium in Brussels. Besides that, he also follows lectures at the Conservatorium in Antwerp. At the MJT, he participated in an impressive series of productions: "Pinocchio", "De Kleine Toverfluit", "Prinses Ezelsvel", "De Man Of Koekebrood", "Snow White", "De Kleine Prins", "De Bremersstadsmuzikanten" and "The Junglebook." He was also to be seen in "About Dedee", "Trojaanse Vrouwen" at Conservatorium in Antwerp.
During his musical education, he performed in theatre piece's such as "Medea", "Othello" and "Begeren onder the Olmen". He also performed in some musicals supervised by Brigitte Odette, Koen Van Impe and Koen Van Dijk. You can also hear some of Dieter in the ensemble of the film "Toy Story" and the musical "Aladdin" from Music Hall.


Chris van Tongelen (Tybalt)

Chris van Tongelen is one of the brightest stars of the national and international musicalworld. He's an strong performer with an incredible voice reach so that each time he perform's he succeeds to bring the public in a state of uppermost ecstasy.


Chris played in a dozen or so national and international productions. His first large role was that of Frederick Trumper, the opponent of Hans-Peter Janssens in the musical "Chess". After that he played the principal part of Don Park in the German production of "Gaudi" in Cologne.  Chris was also almost 2 year active in Mönchengladbach There he played in the Gambler, a piece that was created by Eric Woolfson of the "Alan Parson's Project". In Flanders, he became known by the large musical audience as fairy-tale prince in "Snowwhite" and "Cinderella".


In the fall of 2001 Chris van Tongelen starred in the Flemish musical "Ben", that premiered on the 27th of september 2001. Next to musical's Chris also acts in "Familie" a television soap where he has the role of Bart Vandenbossche, hes also a permanent member of the VTM-Soapband.


Goele De Raedt (Lady Montague)

Goele started with acting when she was a teenager by joining non-professional acting. She joined "De Bloeiende Wijngaard in Bergem" in Berchem. She studied at the Musical department of the Conservatorium of Brussels. She has appeared in the following productions: "Othello", "Begeren Onder De Olmen" and the musicals "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "She Loves me" ect.

Her graduation-production was "The Gosttrain". When she just graduated she played Satine in the New Years-production from "De Nieuw Horizon". She also made TV guest-appearances in "Wittekercke" and "Spoed". In December 2003 she played Tzeitel in "Fiddler on the Roof".

Goele immediately got noticed by Music hall, first as The Baroness in "De Spokenjagers", later as the Lady Montague understudy in Romeo en Julia when the show was in Antwerp.


She is also featured on the CD from "Toy Story 2", "Alladin, the musical" and the new release of "The Loin King". Goele sings in the classical ensemble La Goia and established with a few people from the conservatorium the close harmony group Grossing Garland. With Romeo en Julia Colleague and old classmate Dieter Verhaegen and Remko de Vroede, she brings a dinner show.


Tanja De Nijs (Lady Capulet)
Tanja studied at a theatre school in Amsterdam. Laine Theatre Arts teacher, Lucas Borkel, trained her. Tanja has been seen in several shows including "Saturday Night Fever", "Tommy", "City", "Heerlijk duurt het langst", "Grease", and "West Side Story".
Tanja can also be seen regularly for her work in television, musical awards, and several song and dancing events.


Pauline Du Bois (The Nurse)
Pauline has trained at Rotterdam's dancing academy, learning modern dance, jazz, ballet, and tap dance. Jeanne Companjen and Maria Rond trained her to sing. She was taught to act by Lucas Borkel and Johan Greeter.
Past productions she has taken apart in include "Grease", "West Side Story", "Pump Boys", "Dinettes", and "Alladdin the Musical".
Furthermore, she was active member of Showbiz City with the Dancing Queens and worked with the cabaret group Sepp. Pauline has taken parts with several ballet shows. She was assistant choreographer for the show "Annet Hesterman", which she also sang in the vocal back-up group.


Paul Vaes (Lord Capulet)
Paul Vaes has an impressive career in the Dutch musical world. He got his training at the Benjamin Franklin high school in Seattle, Washington (USA) where he played in "The Witness" and "Kiss Me Kate". Since that moment the musical fever wouldnt let go. 
In Joop Van Den Ende productions we could see him in "Rex", "Chicago", "Elisabeth", "Miss Saigon", "My Fair Lady", and "Cyrano, the musical".  In Flanders we also could see Paul in productions at The Royal Ballet Of Flanders, those were "Man Of La  Mancha", "Chess" and "Jesus Christ Superstar".  Paul also loves opera; he played in "La vie en rose" and 'Het Staat in de Sterren' with the  Lichtstad Operette in Eindhoven.


Ben Cramer (Brother Lorenzo)
Ben developed his love for music at a very young age. In 1967 his first single, "Zai Zai Zai Zai" was released. In 1973, he represented the Netherlands during the Euro Vision song festival. His musical career started in 1980, when he played the role of Peron in "Evita". During 1991-92 he was seen as Billy Flynn in the musical "Chicago". And from August 1993 he spent 3 years as The Phantom of the Opera. In 2000, he interpreted the role of Grimaldini in "Pinocchio", and from 2001 up to 2003 he was Zoser in "AIDA".
In spite of these busy activities he continued to work on his solo carrier and brought out new CD after new CD.


Jeroen Maes (The Prince)
With a large audience, Jeroen Maes is especially known for his variety of roles on TV. He played, for instance, guest roles in "De Kotmadam", "'Wittekerke", "Familie", "'Gilliam & De Bie" and "Spoed". But he is most known for his roles on the small screen as Freek in "Wat nu Weer", Steven in "Thuis", and as Eddy in "Lebbegem".
He also has a love for performing cabert, such as "The Lady Di Show". Before Romeo en Julia, he played Tante Sidonia in the musical "Suske & Wiske & De Spokenjagers". Further more, Jeroen is a singer at the VTM-Soapband and he often records voice-overs for radio and television.


Filip D'Haeze (Paris)

For over a period of 6 years, Filip was the face and the frontman of the ambiance group En zo. In 1996 En Zo became third in the final of preselections for the Eurovision song contest.  At the moment Filip started an independent dance project called Swoop feat. Filip.


Besides this, Filip is a dance-tutor for children, ages ranging from 5 to 18. He is also a choreographer for groups, such as Dreamlovers.


Daniele Cohen (Death)
No biography available.

Alternates: Rob Pelzer, Sasha Rosen, Juta Van Haandel - Bolsius, Richard Spijkers, Roel Lauwens, Katrien Verheijden, Rory Six, Arnan Samson, Gertjan Heuvelmans, Richard Spijkers
Dancers: Merlijn De Vries, Florian Boutonnier, Kylian Campbell, Leo Van Emden, Kai Guzowski, Nicolas Fishleigh, Thomas Puskailer, Clifford Stein, Martin Zanotti, Saskia Duerinck, Sophy Ribrault, Noi Pakon Schuiffel, Kim Arts, Alison Jaques, Natasha Henry, Marcella Morelli, Marcella Dijjers, York-Ting Chen, Isabelle Masse, Elisabeth Lambeck