"A Wish Come True" by The Black Writer

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A Wish Come True
By: The Black Writer
“Orihime I’m so sorry!” exclaimed Tastuki. She had just told Orihime that she couldn’t make it for her sixteenth birthday. Her uncle had died and she was going to be out of town that weekend.
“Oh it’s okay Tastuki!” Orihime said, “I’m sorry about your uncle.”
“Yeah me too,” Tastuki replied, “I have to go Orihime. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
“Bye Tastuki,” Orihime said as she watched her best friend exit out of the door of her apartment. As soon as she left Orihime’s bright smile disappeared.
I’m going to be alone on my birthday, she thought, well this calls for some shopping. With that, the oddly colored girl cheered up a bit, and headed out the door with her purse.
She decided to first get some new clothes at that new store that had just opened. When she reached there she was amazed by all the various styles and colors they had. She was definitely going to find something she liked.
Meanwhile, Tastuki had left Orihime’s house and gone to Ichigo’s. Rukia’s plan worked, although she hated lying to her best friend. When she reached the house she didn’t even bother to knock on the door, she knew no one was home. So she just went straight inside and went up to Ichigo’s room, where she saw Rukia on his bed reading a romance manga.
“It worked,” Rukia said, “Now let’s get down to business.”
Orihime tried on many shirts, skirts, pants, etc. but two things held her interest: a green tank top with light pink strawberries on it and a pair of short white shorts. Even though the tank top showed a little cleavage and the shorts showed off her long legs, she still got them.
Next on her list was buying ingredients for her cake. She found this new recipe that she wanted to try. She was going to give some to all her friends tomorrow so she wasn’t going to put any of the unusual ingredients that she usually had in it.
She was going to make this strawberry crunch cake so she needed some strawberries, various kinds of fruit, pecans, and some whipping cream for a homemade frosting.
She was turning into the fruit aisle when she bumped into someone and got knocked down.
“Sorry, sorry,” she apologized, “I wasn’t looking and-“She stopped when she found out who she was apologizing to, which was none other than Ichigo.
“It’s okay Inoue,” Ichigo said helping her up, “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine,” she paused, “What are you doing here?D Ichigo was about to answer her question but they were interrupted.
“IIIICCCHHHIIIGGGOOOOO!” a fist came flying at Ichigo, which he dodged and tackled to the ground.
“Dammit old man you can’t leave me alone for a second without causing a scene!” yelled Ichigo. Finally after a few more minutes of wrestling, Isshin noticed Orihime.
“Well hello my dear,” he said knocking Ichigo to the side, “And you may be?”
“I’m Inoue Orihime,” Orihime said. Isshin went rigid; he knew that name. It was also the last name of that poor boy that died in that car accident, this must
be his sister. He was quiet for an amazing two seconds before…
“Oh Masaki our little boy is growing up!" he said dramatically, “Just look at this wonderful woman he’s met. I’m sure we’re gonna have grandkid,” He was cut off by a swift kick from Ichigo, before he could go on.
“Sorry about that,” Ichigo said, “This old man’s kind of crazy.” Ichigo steered Orihime away from his crazy parent.
“It’s okay Kurosaki-kun,” Orihime said, slightly embarrassed, “I have to go I have a lot of things to buy for my cake.”
“A cake for what?” Ichigo asked.
“My birthday it’s this Saturday,” she said with a fake smile.
“Oh,” Ichigo said, feeling stupid enough for forgetting about her birthday then noticing her act, “I’ll see you20tomorrow then.”
“Bye Kurosaki-kun!” Orihime said as she bounded away.
Meanwhile, at Ichigo’s house…
“There all done!” Rukia said, “We just have to tell everyone except Ichigo. We’ll just drag him there, no point in him trying to stop us.”
“Okay I’ll stop bye Chad’s house on my way home,” Tastuki replied, “We’ll get everyone else tomorrow.”
Rukia nodded. Suddenly there was yelling downstairs, and the door to
Ichigo’s room opened. Rukia and Tastuki stared, Ichigo frozen place. No one had expected t his.
“What the hell are-!” Ichigo started, but was cut off bye Rukia who dragged him in the room and shut the door. All the while, Tastuki was frantically trying to gather all the papers on the floor and stuffing them in her bag.
One paper caught Ichigo’s attention. He bent down to pick it up but Tastuki snatched it from him. Now it was on. Ichigo lunged at her to get the paper but Tastuki dodged and Rukia tackled him.
A few minutes of fighting ensued and Ichigo finally got the paper. He read the title on the top of the page, and looked up. Rukia and Tastuki looked at each other, not sure what to do.
“How can I help?” Ichigo asked, while both of the girls’ jaws dropped.
“There,” Orihime sighed, “All done.” She had got home two hours ago and started working on her cake right away. Now it was all finished and it was a work of art. She carefully put it in the donut box she had got, so it would be ready to take to school tomorrow. Now all she had to do was take a much needed shower and go to bed.
Everyone was talking about Orihime’s cake the next day. By lunch time, everyone was asking for some, but surprisingly, only few got to taste the small piece of heaven. And those people were of course her friends. Everyone had met at the rooftop, and had a good time. Jokes and jabs were exchanged, as well as knowing glances and whispers that were unnoticed by Orihime. All her friends (except Tastuki), sang happy birthday even though it was tomorrow.
Finally the day was over, and Orihime was alone once again in her house. She had nothing to do; she thought about calling Tastuki, but sadly remembered she wasn’t here.
Maybe I should go down to the Tanabata festival, she had been meaning to go down but she’d been busy; but deep down she knew she was putting it off because she didn’t want to go alone. Then suddenly the phone rang.
“Hello?” she answered.
“Hey Inoue?” the voice said, “It’s Ichigo.”
“Oh hi Kurosaki-san,” Orihime said, trying to keep the amazement from her voice.
“I was wondering would you like to go to the Tanabata festival with me?” Ichigo asked, “My family and I were about to go down in about an hour.”
“Oh I would love to go,” Orihime said.
“Ok, I’ll pick you up around six okay?”
“Bye Inoue.”
“Bye Kurosaki-kun.” As soon as she hung up the phone, Orihime went into a crazed flurry of movement. Going through her clothes looking for that perfect outfit to wear; she was about to go crazy, when she remembered the clothes she had bought for her birthday. She threw them on and quickly raced into the bathroom for hair and make-up. She brushed her hair and pulled some of it into a sma ll ponytail, then curled her bangs so they hung beautifully on the side of her face. Finally, she applied some light pink eye shadow, a thin layer of black eyeliner, mascara and a light pink shimmery lip-gloss.
She heard the doorbell ring, quickly grabbed her white Converse and put them on. She grabbed her keys and opened the door, revealing a handsome looking Ichigo in white pants, dark green shirt, brown jacket and dark green tennis.
“Hey Kurosaki-san,” Orihime said as she stepped outside and locked her door.
“H-hey Inoue,” Ichigo said trying not to sound nervous, “My family’s down at the festival already. We’re meeting up for the fireworks.”
“Okay,” Orihime said, and they began walking in an awkward silence.
“So, what are you doing for your birthday tomorrow?” Ichigo asked after a few moments.
“Well, in the morning I’m going to go visit my brother. After that i’m not sure what I’ll do. I didn’t really have anything planned,” she said.
“Oh,” Ichigo said lamely, not sure what to say. They began to walk in silence… again. After a couple more minutes they reached the festival grounds. “So what do you ant to do first/” Ichigo asked.
“How about the games?” Orihime suggested.
“Ok,” Ichigo agreed, and they went off to play. On each game Orihime won, beating Ichigo; she complained he was letting her win, but Ichigo knew he was just nervous. Soon, they came to a strength test, where you swing a mallet to try to get the weight to ring the bell at the top of the mast.


“Come on Kurosaki-kun, you can do it!” Orihime cheered as Ichigo readied to swing. He raised the mallet and brought it down as hard as he could, and the weight shot up at an incredible speed and hit the bell with a loud BONG!
“Here you so son,” the employee handed him a huge stuffed teddy bear, “Give it to your girlfriend.”
“She’s not my g-girlfriend,” Ichigo blushed, but the man had already moved on to another customer. However, he still gave the teddy bear to Orihime, who thanked him ten times. The ‘couple’ then moved on to go make their wish.
Orihime thought for a long time before deciding what to write on her paper, while Ichigo only took ten seconds. When Orihime finished, she hung her wish next to Ichigo’s. Then they went to go meet Ichigo’s family for the fireworks.
“IIICCCHHHIIIGGGOOO!” Isshin yelled and tried to kick Ichigo in the head, but missed.
“Dammit dad, can’t you just let us have some peace?” Ichigo asked.
“Well hello Inoue-san,” Isshin greeted Orihime, “It’s nice to see you again.”
“It’s nice to see you too, Kurosaki-san,” Orihime replied politely.
“Dad will you shut it, the fireworks are about to start!” Karin yelled. Everyone obeyed and sat down; Ichigo of course sat in between his family and Orihime. A few seconds later, a bright light shot into the air and exploded into a thousand tiny colorful particles.
“Wow, it’s so pretty,” Orihime sighed.
“Yeah,” Ichigo said, looking at Orihime. When the fireworks ended five minutes later, Ichigo walked Orihime home. They chatted about the festival and laughed, and then they came to Orihime’s door.
“Thank you Kurosaki-kun, I had a great time,” Orihime said.
“Please Orihime, call me Ichigo,” he said, before he lifted her chin up and kissed her. “Goodnight Orihime,” Ichigo said looking into her eyes.
“Goodnight Ichigo,” She relied, looking into his. Then she turned, went inside, closed the door and sunk onto the floor. She couldn’t believe that had just happened. She thought over the last few moment of the kiss, and smiled.
Maybe this birthday wasn’t so bad.
Orihime awoke to her alarm clock at eight. She ate some cereal, brushed her teeth, got dressed and left the house an hour later towards the cemetery. She stopped by a flower shop and bought some white roses. Soon enough, she was at her brother’s grave.
“Hello, Oni-chan,” she said softly, “I wish you were here, I miss you so much.” A gentle breeze blew through, and Orihime sat down and told her brother what had happened since she last visited at Christmas.
After two hours, Orihime had finished. She said her goodbyes and left for home. She reached her apartment and turned on the lights, where she found a huge surprise.
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ORIHIME!” a huge crowd shouted. Orihime stood in shock; she saw Rangiku, Toshiro, Rukia, Renji, and various other soul reapers as well as her friends including Tastuki.
“Oh my goodness,” Orihime said unbelievably, “How…”
“Tastuki and I planned the whole thing,” Rukia stepped up, “We bought everything while you and Ichigo where at the festival, then set up the party while you were with your brother, you deserve this Orihime, after all you’ve been through.”
“Thank-you so much,” Orihime said joyfully. The party then began. Twenty boxes of pizza were consumed, as well was fifty pounds of snacks and thirty gallons of soda. Soon enough it was present time. Orihime objected and said the party was enough, but Rangiku insisted. She got various articles of clothing, shoes, and other small gifts.
“Here you go Orihime,” Ichigo said after everyone had given their gift. He handed her a small rectangular box. Orihime opened it and gasped in surprise; in the box was a beautiful necklace with charms that resembled her friends: t wo flowers for Orihime, a bunny for Rukia, a Quincy cross for Ishida, a medallion for Chad, a red monkey for Renji and a mini replica of Ichigo’s zanpakuto.
“Ichigo, it’s beautiful. You shouldn’t have,” she said.
“But I wanted to,” he said as he took the necklace and put it on Orihime. Then he looked into her eyes and kissed her. Everyone stared in shock, and then Rukia began applauding and slapped high fives with Tastuki. That had been their plan all along.
“Happy Birthday Orihime,” Ichigo whispered.