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“Trick and Treat by Lady Orihime

(Sequel to “Birthoween”)


“Orihime,” Ichigo hissed through his teeth. “I don’t want my daughter dressed up as a freaking PINK RABBIT for her first Halloween!”


Orihime sighed; they had been through this before. “Ichigo,” Orihime began, as she sat 1 year old Kurosaki Yuki up on the baby changer and began to slip the handmade (by Rukia) pink bunny costume onto their daughter. “If you remember, we both promised Rukia that since she couldn’t dress the baby at the hospital, that we would allow her to be Chappy for her first Halloween.”


“Promises were meant to be broken.” Ichigo muttered. But the moment that last word that came out of his mouth, he knew he was in for it. Orihime turned around to him, eyes narrowed; clearly pissed off.


“Oh, so when you said ‘I promise to love you forever’ to me,” she gritted her teeth “that was meant to be broken?”


Ichigo quickly walked to Orihime and stood in front of her. He took her hand, and look deeply into her milky chocolate brown eyes. “Of course not,” Ichigo said tenderly. “My heart can be ripped from my chest and cut up into a million pieces, I would still love you.” 


Orihime’s eyes softened and Ichigo felt the pressure of being in trouble lift off of him. He leaned down to give her a tender kiss.


Orihime smiled and patted Ichigo’s hand which still held her left one. “Then we are not breaking our promise to Rukia.” She said triumphantly and turned around to finish dressing the baby in the pink Chappy bunny costume. Ichigo groaned before he left the room. “Your costume is in the closet hall, dear!” she heard another groan - loud enough so she could hear it - and quietly chuckled to herself, and to her amusement little Yuki’s eyes brightened up and she let out a squeal of laughter.


“And that, my little one,” Orihime tickled Yuki’s belly, which caused more little giggles of laughter “Is how a woman gets her way.”




Orihime waited in the front room with Yuki, bouncing her on her knee. She impatiently checked the time again, and turned her head towards the hallway


“Ichigo!” she yelled just loud enough to express her anxiety, but not loud enough to hurt Yuki’s ears. “We are going to be late!”


Ichigo finally walked into the hallway, dress in his costume; he and Orihime were going as The Phantom of the Opera and Christine Daae from the stage version of “The Phantom of the Opera”. Because Orihime had so many dresses to choose from, she decided on the dress Christine wears to the masquerade ball, and even made it herself.


The costumes Orihime decided on didn’t bother Ichigo in the slightest; especially Orihime’s – the way her caramel colored hair fell in glossy curls. He didn’t look too bad himself. But the whole dressing up thing he did have a problem with.


“Remind me again why we are dressing up?” He said with a scowl, and pursed lips. It was Orihime’s turn to groan.

“Because it’s a Halloween party, Ichigo,” She said as she sat up and cradled Yuki in her arms. “Not to mention your first child’s Birthday.” She handed the baby to Ichigo, and put a hand on his cheek “Please don’t be difficult.”


Ichigo looked down at his 1 year old daughter, who found his glossy white mask amusing, and she reached up to touch it and smiled at the smooth touch.


Ichigo wasn’t an emotional person, not in the least, but the reminder that his daughter was a year old came crashing down on him. Her bright light chocolate brown eyes turned to him, and she let out the same squeal of delight she did earlier when she was with Orihime, and he couldn’t help but smile and chuckle himself. As her eyes focused back on the mask, Ichigo’s eyes met Orihime’s who was smiling tenderly. He rolled his eyes, but smiled back.


“All right,” he said, giving up. “I won’t be difficult”.


Orihime’s smile widened and she leaned up to give a quick kiss, and then kissed her daughters head.


“Okay, then!” she said brightly. “I’ve got the presents, so let’s go!”




The Halloween Party/Yuki’s first Birthday party was being held at Urahara’s shop. All of Ichigo and Orihime’s good friends were there and some even had dates and children of their own.


Renji and Rukia were dressed as Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, and where there with their 5 year old son, Ronin, who was dressed as a cowboy.


Ishida and Nemu, who were dressed as Romeo & Juliet, Ishida didn’t seem to mind the blue skin tight tights, as long as Nemu was happy in her long red flowing dress. Their relationship was kind of like Romeo & Juliet in a way…except for the double suicide at the end, of course.


Grimmjow and (adult) Neliel were dressed as Roger and Mimi from the musical “Rent”- And you would not believe all of the favors Neliel would have to return for getting him here…like this – but his usual human world clothing style didn’t change that much, he just basically had t run around in an oversized green long sleeved shirt, brown plaided pants, and a black leather jacket.


Kegio and Tatsuki came as a bloodied and bruised opponent to Tatsuki’s Judo Champion outfit.


Chizuru and Ryou, who after “experimenting” in college, realized that she enjoyed the female companionship rather than the male, and the two soon after became lovers. They dressed as Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi.


Yoruichi (her date obviously being Urahara himself) was dressed as Cat Woman (the Halle Berry version, of course, but using the plastic leather that was used or Michelle Pfeiffer ) and Urahara was Batman.


Shuuhei and Rangiku dressed as Edward Scissor Hands and Elvira. Of course Rangiku had to be the “hostess with the mostess.”


Hitsugaya and Hinamori, not really wanting to be anything from the human world, just wore traditional kimonos, except for the fact that Hinamori added to her costume – she decided to be a Geisha. Byakuya and Unohana, who both came together after the years of loneness did the same thing – except Unohana opted out the Geisha look.


Ganju came dressed as Zorro. And while not dating, Ganju arrived with Hanatarou, who for some reason wanted to be “Attack of the Clones” Anakin Skywalker.


Michiru who was still shy about her womanly body decided to come as Padmé Amidala in her white skin tight battle outfit.


Ikkaku arrived on the arms of with Keigo’s sister, Mizuho. Ikkaku was dressed as Yule Brenner’s interpretation of the King of Siam, but Mizuho in she came as evil Jeaney, Jeannie’s sister from the classic sitcom. Yumichika arrived with them wearing a very lavish and dashing vampire costume.


Zaraki, with Yachiru clinging to his back as usual, was dressed as a pirate and Yachiru was dressed as Tinkerbell.


Mizuiro and his wife, who was still older than him, dressed as a warlock and a specially made maternity costume that was a witch. She was just happy that she could dress up at all.


Isshin arrived with Ryuuken and Yuzu – no Karin since Karin had been dating Chad ever since she turned 16; she secretly had a crush on since their teamwork back when she first met him and arrived with him to the party, as they were now living together. They decided to come dressed as Aladdin and Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”.


Isshin was dressed as Superman, which became a joke over the evening since Urahara was Batman. Ryuuken opted out for playing a dead doctor, and Yuzu decided to sex it up a bit, and wore a sexy Alice in Wonderland get-up, which was probably a wrong idea, because even in Jinta’s frozen state as a young boy, he couldn’t help but find his attractiveness to her growing. But she really did look lovely, with her now long pale blonde hair, and the black ribbon in it.


Most of the other captains and Vice captains who came also just wore the traditional kimono, being too busy to find costumes in the real world. Nanao refused to dress in any of the sexy costumes the stores had to offer, much to Shunsui disappointment. But their 9 year old daughter, Umineko, was more than delighted to be Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”.


The only other captain who came in costume was Soi Fon, and she arrived as a sexy woman gangster, which was designed by Playboy.


The Vizard’s arrived in their usual attire. But most of them looked like Halloween costumes, so no one really minded. Hiyori, being her usual stubborn self, just spat on the whole Halloween thing altogether, but Hirako convinced her to come anyway.


Ichigo and Orihime made the rounds, chatting with their friends, and much to Ichigo’s annoyment every one of them couldn’t help cooing at Yuki in her fluffy Chappy costume. From across the room, Ichigo noticed Rukia watching them talking with Mizuiro and his wife, and saw the smug smile she was giving them. He returned the favor with a glare.


“Ichigo,” Orihime said trying to get his attention back. “Ichigo!” she tugged on his arm. He turned to face his wife, glare still on his face. Confusion crossed Orihime’s; “What’s wrong?”


“Rukia and her smirking,” he spat. “Enjoying seeing everyone love the costume made for Yuki; makes me sick.”


Orihime signed, and pulled her husband towards a couple of the free chairs and sat down. Orihime let out a silent moan of pleasure, which was something Ichigo was only used to hearing in the bed room. He blushed, but turned to his wife.


“Are you okay?” he asked, his voice full of concern.


“Oh, yeah,” Orihime replied with a smile. “My feet are just killing me.”


“Do you want a foot massage?” Ichigo asked as he was used to this; especially when Orihime was pregnant with Yuki. He actually got pretty good.


Orihime gave him a pleading but guilty look. “Could you?” Ichigo nodded and lifted Orihime’s legs into his lap, and undid the straps of her sliver boots. Once he began, her eyes rolled back into her head and closed them and moaned softly in ecstasy. If she kept this up, they would have to go home sooner than planned.


It wasn’t long before Rukia gracefully walked toward them, with her son’s hand in her own. She let out a covered cough, which broke Orihime out of her trance, and annoyed Ichigo to no end.


Rukia smiled at Orihime. “It’s time,” was all she said. Ichigo looked at her with a confused expression.


“Time?” he asked, “Time for what, exactly.”


“Oh,” Rukia said in a matter of fact voice. “You’ll see.” She smiled and winked at Orihime, who smiled back. She and asked Ichigo if she could put her boots back on and lace them up again, and he obliged.


With Yuki sleeping peacefully in her arms, Orihime followed Rukia and Ronin to the highest point in the room. Orihime and Rukia pulled Ichigo and Renji up with them. To Ichigo, it looked as if Renji was out of the loop as well.


In a booming voice, Rukia called all the attention of all the guests in the room.


“Ladies and Gentlemen!” she called “Orihime and I have recently come to an arrangement that we feel would benefit both of our two families, as well as not having to go through the awkward stage of our children bringing home strange boys and girls,” she smiled at Orihime, and quickly glanced at Renji and Ichigo who were still confounded. “We have decided to betroth Ronin and Yuki!”


Cheers were heard all around the room, except for in back of Orihime and Rukia. Ichigo and Renji were obviously not happy about this arrangement. Orihime went to her husband, and noticed his face was turning red.


“Oh honey, isn’t it wonderful!” Orihime gushed. “Now we’ll really be related to Rukia and Renji!”


That did it.


“NO WAY IN HELL IS MY DAUGHTER MARRYING THE SON OF THAT RED HAIRED, STRANGLY TATOOED, IDIOTIC ****TARD!” He shouted, even waking Yuki up, who began crying. “OVER MY DEAD BODY WILL THAT EVER HAPPEN!” he finished. Then it was Renji’s turn.




But before Ichigo could retort, the entire room erupted into laughter. Orihime pulled her husband away from Renji, as Rukia pulled Renji away from them as well.


“That is your trick for the evening, Ichigo!” Orihime said, handing over their daughter to him. “Now, you get her to stop crying”. Ichigo watched as Orihime skipped to Rukia’s side and high-fived each other, obviously excited that their trick worked on their loved ones. Their hands clasped and jumping up and down. For some reason, Orihime just wasn’t acting like herself tonight. He almost thought she might becoming bipolar. Ichigo looked down at Yuki, who he was rocking back and forth.


“Please don’t have a sense of humor like your mother.” He pleaded. She just looked at him blankly, as her tears stopped.


The night continued with a birthday cake and presents for Yuki. After quick bath - Yuki got cake all over her face and hands - and a washing and drying of the Chappy costume, she quickly fell back to sleep and Ichigo and Orihime decided it was time to go home. They said goodbye to their friends, and thanked them for coming and for the gifts for Yuki.




“Well that sure was fun,” Ichigo’s voice reeking with sarcasm. “Thanks for making my heart stop when Rukia and you announced their little brat and our daughter were betrothed.”


“Oh, it was funny and you know it!” Orihime said quietly as she closed the sleeping Yuki’s bedroom door.


“Sure, sure,” Ichigo said, with a yawn. “I’m getting out of this and going to bed.” He said as he turned to the hallway.


“But Ichigo…” Orihime began, “Don’t you want your Halloween treat?”


Ichigo stopped where he was, and turned to her with a cocked eyebrow. “What do you mean?” he asked as he slowly approached his wife. “Don’t I get it when we get out of these clothes?” he had his arms wrapped around her waist, and began trailing on hand slowly down her spine as he was kissing her neck.


“Well, there’s that,” Orihime gasped. She had to get control of herself or it would be too late. It was 10 minutes to midnight. She pulled away from him, “But I have something else…” she said, wiggling her eyebrows.


Ichigo sighed. He couldn’t get enough of Orihime, and all the time they really had to themselves was at night after Yuki was sleeping peacefully and whenever a friend or family member offered to babysit. Yuki literally had everyone closed to her wrapped around her little finger.


“Okay, what is it?” He asked, folding his arms. Orihime shook her head.


“Nope, you have to do it the right way,” she grinned. “Outside and saying ‘Trick or Treat!’”


Ichigo gaped. “Oh, c’mon Orihime!” he complained. “It’s freezing and I am tired.”


Orihime raised her eyebrows, and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, if you are too tired to do this, I guess you are too tired to do that.” And she nodded towards the hallway which led to their bedroom.


Ichigo balled his fists, ‘How does she do that! She can’t threaten me with zero sex tonight!’ He pursed his lips and looked at her. She clasped her hands together, and let them rest against her body.


Ichigo growled as he stomped towards the door, and Orihime smiled. Once he was outside, he said “This has better be good.” before Orihime shut the door on his face.


Ichigo, alone and cold on their doorstep called out “Trick or treat!”. But Orihime did not open the door.


“You have to ring the doorbell first,” she said through the door. “And then say ‘Trick or Treat!’”


‘Of course, how could I forget?’ He rolled his eyes, and rang the doorbell before calling out “Trick or Treat!” again.


This time Orihime opened the door, and stepped outside with him. She took his face in her hands and kissed him so passionately, he thought that this was just the foreplay to what was coming. He wrapped his arms around her torso. But Orihime broke the kiss before anything could go any further. She had to stand on her tippy toes to reach his ear, and breathed “I’m pregnant Ichigo,” she said so softly and low that it was a almost whisper, “Happy Halloween”.


Ichigo pulled back, his eyes full of shock but quickly changed when he looked into Orihime’s shining eyes, tears of happiness brimming.


“This isn’t a trick?” was all he could muster to say, and it came out like there was a frog in his throat. Orihime laughed, and the tears began to fall.


“You had your trick at the party, remember?” she rubbed his cheek with the back of her fingers.


It finally hit Ichigo. He was going to be a dad…again! He shook his head, and as his grin spread into one of the widest smiles of his life, he kissed Orihime as passionately as he did and began to swing her around. Once he put her down, the kissing continued, and Orihime wrapped her arms around Ichigo’s neck, before they both pulled away.


“Now,” Orihime said, her lips almost swollen from all the kissing, “How about your other treat?”


Ichigo didn’t have to be reminded. He quickly swept Orihime off of her feet, kicked the door in, and sprinted all the way to the bedroom, Orihime’s light laughter filling the house that would soon hold four.


The End.

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